Can’t drive 55? In this car, you don’t always have to

I remember reading somewhere that the average person spends
six months of his life waiting for red lights to turn green. That may be a
, but it’s certainly true that any company that could develop a popular and
practical diversion for people sitting at red lights (besides radio listening) would
stand to make a killing. Maybe Nissan has done it. The automaker said this week
that it will unveil a concept car that comes loaded with a built-in Xbox 360 and the videogame Project
Gotham Racing 3
. Now that doesn’t sound unsafe at all. Drivers will be able to use the steering wheel and gas and
brake pedals to play PGR3 on a seven-inch screen that folds down from the roof.
Nissan says the idea came from an Internet survey of 2,000 young people—many of
whom it admitted were in junior high school. 

—Posted by Tim Nudd