Cake Brand’s Bus-Stop Ads Butter You Up With Free Treats

500 free cakes a day at each location

Not to be outdone by Australian bus-stop ads, British baked-goods manufacturer Mr. Kipling has installed what are basically free-cake vending machines in London bus shelters. The installations, each loaded with individually wrapped 500 cakes, dispense the treats when the relevant button is pressed, and there's also a spray device in case you just want to smell them for some reason. They've also got a "cakemobile" set to hit the road later this month. There's an almost Baptist hysteria to the company's enthusiasm about this, like they're stopping just shy of literally punching people in the face with cake. God, what if that's their plan B in case this campaign doesn't work? Forget I said anything. After the jump, check out the brand's most recent TV spot, starring a grandmother and her mysterious tin.