Burnett man will do what you say at Cannes


David Perez, creative recruiter at Leo Burnett, wanted to go to Cannes. He wanted it hard. How hard? Hard enough to whore himself out to your every tweeted whim. That's right. Burnett agreed to send Perez to Cannes only if he agreed to be part of a social-media experiment. Like some kind of subservient barnyard fowl, Perez must follow any and all instructions you send him at @DavidonDemand—no restrictions—while he's there. At least that's what he claims. I once made a friend of mine do something similar—forcing him to wear a sandwich board and cater to the whims of everyone in our high school for a day. For David's sake, I hope he has someone on tap to monitor the feed and counteract the more illegal/lascivious/physically impossible demands (@DavidonDemand Fix the oil leak in the gulf). David will be wearing glasses with a webcam attached so you can watch the whole thing unfold. He'll be slaving away from June 21-26. There seems to be no time window for your tweets, so he may also be conducting an experiment in sleep deprivation.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers