Burberry, Chanel bid Moss adieu

Chanelkatemoss_1To no one’s surprise, Kate Moss has now been dropped by two more of the companies she does business with over her alleged cocaine use: Burberry and Chanel. While we’ve seen this kind of celebrity implosion many times before, it’s always interesting to see the spinmeisters weaving their web of … explanation … when faced with the not-so-pretty truth about the person they’ve chosen to represent their brand. Burberry cancelled a campaign she’d been planned to appear in, and said, according to this story, “it was ‘saddened by her current circumstances’ and wished Moss well.” Chanel went a route that, frankly, we’re even more accustomed to. It said it will not be renewing a contract with Moss that ends in October, and that the non-renewal “had nothing to do with recent publicity about the supermodel’s alleged cocaine use,” according to this story from the AP. For those of you keeping score, H&M, Chanel and Burberry have now all dropped Moss. As for H. Stern and Gloria Vanderbilt, we’re watching and wondering.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor