Buffalo Wild Wings Ad Confirms Men Are Even Stupider in Slow Motion

NCAA campaign from 22squared

What is it about slow-motion footage that makes guys look even more amusingly idiotic than usual? Do we simply find it funny when men's physical movements decelerate to the point where they match their mental ones? Whatever it is, it works pretty well in commercials. The classic example is the famous Carlton Draught commercial from a few years back—a veritable opera of sluggish male moronitude. Now, Buffalo Wild Wings—always ready to salute, in a good way, the inherent imbecility of the hairier sex—has done something similar in this ad from agency 22squared. You can just feel the male brains in the ad struggling to comprehend their predicament. Buffalo Wild Wings is the only corporate sponsor for the NCAA in the casual-dining category, and as such, it can call itself the "Official Hangout of NCAA March Madness." The new campaign positions the chain as the only place for sports fans during March Madness and beyond. Two more spots and credits after the jump.

Client: Buffalo Wild Wings
Agency: 22squared
Chief Creative Officer: Scott Sheinberg
Chief Creative Director: John Stapleton
Creative Directors, Copywriters: Kevin Botfeld, Curt Mueller
Director of Production: Matt Faris
Executive Producer: Lori Lawery
Business Affairs Manager: Angela Eddleman
Director of Client Services: Ed Klein
Account Supervisor: Brooke Kramer
Senior Account Executive: Emily Paradowski
Production Company: Uber Content
Director: Chris Hooper
Owner/Executive Producer: Phyllis Koenig, Preston Lee
Producer: Alexandra Lisee
Director of Photography: Giorgio Scali
Editorial Company: Beast
Editor: Jim Ulbrich, Beast, New York ("Slo Mo" and "Expanded")
Executive Producer: Molly Baroco, Beast, Atlanta
Editorial Producer: Eric Brackett, Beast, Atlanta
Assistant Editor: Brandon Danowski, Beast, Atlanta
Colorist: Billy Gabor, CO3, Atlanta
Online Editors: Deron Hoffmeyer, Michael Wardner, Method Studios, Atlanta
Editor: Will Rossiter, 22squared, Tampa, Fla. ("Built For")
Audio: Erich Netherton, Beast, Atlanta
Music Composer: Q Department, New York ("Built For")
Sound Design: Sound Lounge, New York ("Slo Mo")
Sound Designer: Marshall Grupp