Britain’s Royals Bumble Their Way Through Mother’s Day in Charming Spot for Body Shop

Treating mom like a queen is never easy

When it comes to celebrating Mother's Day, it turns out the British royal family is just as inept as everyone else.  

That, at least, is the joke at the heart of a new U.K. ad from cosmetics company The Body Shop. Impersonators playing Prince Charles; his wife, Camilla; his son Prince Harry; and Queen Elizabeth II's famous Welsh Corgis all fumble their way, together, through the prep for Her Majesty's big day.

That means mangling the wrapping on the presents and burning the toast, among other misfortunes—Prince Harry and the Union Jack make a joint cameo, but are least invested in the proceedings.

Created by agency Mr. President, it's a silly, sweet idea that pokes gentle fun at the family (Charles doesn't take off his double-breasted suit jacket for anything) and the holiday, while also essentially pushing two somewhat contrary arguments that end up meeting somewhere in the middle—the royals are just like any other family, and any other family can treat its mom like a royal.

In other words, don't feel bad if you're helpless in the kitchen when it's time to bring your own mother breakfast in bed. Though it's pretty safe to say that she—and the queen—would probably prefer the chefs at Buckingham Palace made it. 

Via ItsNiceThat.

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