Boston Market urges men to ride other men

In its first campaign from Fallon, Boston Market "countrifies" the familiar Klondike Bar ad concept. "What would you do for a Klondike Bar?" becomes, basically, "What would you do for a taste of Boston Market's Crispy Country Chicken?" A lot gets lost in translation. In the spot above, an office drone attempts to ride on a copier repairman's back in return for a bite of deep-fried hen. Not the smartest move, given the rampant layoffs in today's economy. The guy on bottom bucks like a bronco, and the voiceover is delivered with a drawl. It's a misguided effort to communicate the whole "country" theme. Rodeos are more Wild West, anyway. Besides, the place is called Boston Market, so how authentically "country" can the food be? I live in Boston, and the closest we get to "country" is watching Jeff Foxworthy on TV, or the occasional weekend antiquing jaunt to Vermont. And that ain't real country, that's just a lot of aging hippies and trees.

—Posted by David Gianatasio