BofA’s college videos not like actual college

Bank of America has introduced Morris on Campus, a series of online videos and tips targeting college kids who are opening their first bank accounts. To my way of thinking, Morris lacks any real credibility. First off, he’s supposed to be an upperclassman, but he’s sober in all the vignettes. (Even his super-sized spring-break beverage is labeled "non-alcoholic.") Plus, he drones on about how college students should manage their money but never touches on the key skill: how to shake down their parents for every last dime. What a nerd. He must go to Emerson. Oh, there’s a $25,000 prize for submitting the best college financial tip. Here’s mine: If you win, use the 25 large to pay down your student loans. Those things can hound you for life. Oddly, that’s a subject Morris never gets around to. Which leaves just one more thing to say: Beanpot ’09: Revenge of the BU Terriers, baby! Woo-hoo!

—Posted by David Gianatasio