Blood-spattered refs always prefer Cheetos


A reader out in Los Angeles alerted us to these bizarre Cheetos billboards posted around town, showing a grim-faced soccer referee brandishing a red card while covered in what looks like chunky blood spatters. Non-Spanish speakers are particularly perturbed and speculating wildly about what the headline says. None other than Rob Huebel (the guy who played Inconsiderate Cell Phone Man in BBDO Atlanta's old Cingular Wireless cinema ads) speculates on his blog that the ads read, "New Cheetos, for people that like to bathe in human blood." The real translation is apparently something like, "Stain yourself with the flavor of the new Red Salsa Cheetos." Either way, be sure to give the homicidal referees a wide berth in the snack aisle for the time being.

—Posted by Tim Nudd