Beyoncé a little too dark for L’Oréal’s taste?


It’s hard to believe L’Oréal is flat-out denying the notion that it digitally lightened Beyoncé Knowles for her latest L’Oréal ad, appearing in the new issue of Elle magazine. Beyonce’s publicist, humorously, tries to sidestep the issue with this ludicrously bland quote: “There is no doubt that anyone seeing that ad will know that it is Beyoncé.” A rep for the National Association of Black Journalists, meanwhile, says magazines should be sensitive to perceptions that light-skinned African Americans are more acceptable to the public. The only person we’ve yet to hear from is Beyoncé herself, which is understandable. If she were to speak now, there’s a good chance a different voice would come out of her mouth.

—Posted by David Kiefaber