Belarus movie posters forgo the airbrush

Remember my posts about movie posters from a while back, and how much bickering they caused? Well, these hand-drawn posters from Belarus will lend some perspective. It’s not that the figures don’t resemble their real-life counterparts to greater or lesser degrees, it’s just that they aren’t the most flattering likenesses. For example, the 50 First Dates poster gives Drew Barrymore the same repulsed facial expression anyone would have if Adam Sandler was trying to mack on them. Freaky Friday makes its stars look burnt-out and half crazy, which makes sense given Lindsey Lohan’s recent struggles. The Shallow Hal poster is the funniest, though, if only because the artist apparently modeled Jack Black after one of the Osmond brothers. But hey, given America’s tendency to Photoshop and airbrush our movie posters to death, maybe this is what these people really look like. Via Neatorama.

—Posted by David Kiefaber