BBH upgrades the fun in Barclaycard sequel


You might remember BBH’s 2008 commercial for Barclaycard with the guy jetting through life on a water slide—which was a metaphor for the speed and flexibility of Barclaycard’s “contactless” payment technology. Well, now the agency and client (and director Nicolai Fuglsig) have upgraded from water slide to roller coaster. The new spot, posted below, has its ups and downs. Boston’s “More Than a Feeling” is a nice choice, and the commercial is nothing if not fun-loving and visually enjoyable. (The director used the so-called “Spidercam,” which was developed to film parts of the Spider-Man movies and hadn’t been used for a commercial before.) But it’s maybe a little light on the product benefits. The guy makes only a single transaction with the card in 60 seconds. Instead of ogling the babe in the shower (who oddly doesn’t seem to mind), perhaps he could’ve picked up a newspaper or something.

—Posted by Tim Nudd