BBBS says men will be boys, and vice versa

Stoltz Marketing in Southwest Idaho created a local
commercial for Big Brothers, Big Sisters that's breaking onto the
national scene. "Men in Need" initially drew attention after it generated an astounding 42 percent increase in male volunteer recruitment in
Idaho. Its big idea was to imply that it was not the little brothers who needed
help, but the big brothers. The spot strikes a balance between humor and that
serious PSA vibe as small boys intone the voiceover with powerful gravitas: "You
see them every day, filling their time with empty tasks and outmoded displays
of masculinity. They're adult men, and each one is precious." Fortunately,
BBBS can match each bumbling man with a little brother today (it's also
fortunate they dropped that Paul Rudd crud they ran last year). The
whole thing does remind me a bit of the Ad Council's "Adoption"
, "You don't have to be perfect to be the perfect parent."
That, or a 30-second retelling of About a Boy. But it's still fantastic and
true. Adult men are a precious resource in our country. So if you're a man,
call BBBS today. It's not too late to get help.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers