Australians suddenly notice nudity on TV

Michelle_2As U.S. lawmakers threaten cable TV and satellite radio with tougher regulations, Australia is just getting around to being offended by what’s on free TV. Specifically, “the Big Brother program [has] prompted … a review of how much nudity can be shown on free television,” according to Reuters. The new season of Big Brother is evidently a raunch-fest. “What we basically have is pornography and full-frontal nudity on television at a time when children are watching. These people have an aspiration to be porn stars,” says Trish Draper, a member of Parliament. Big Brother housemate Michelle (shown here), a co-conspirator in an explicit hot-tub incident, doesn’t exactly dispute that. “If you put 15 sexually active people in the house who obviously enjoy sex and are young, it is going to happen,” she said. One the one hand, it’s hard to expect higher standards from a country built from a British prison colony. Then again, the whole incident puts our own indecency wars in perspective. Clearly we’re being way too uptight about our own watered-down programming.

—Posted by David Kiefaber

Photo: Network TEN