Aussie ad shames guys for problems in bed

It takes a lot to offend Australians, but targeting the premature ejaculators among them has done the trick. The country's Advertising Standards Bureau received several complaints about the Advanced Medical Institute's "bedroom police" ad, above, which shows cops breaking into a couple's bedroom and threatening to issue a speeding ticket to the guy, who is told he will be let off with a warning if he calls AMI for help with his problem. (This is the same advertiser that did those "Bonk longer" billboards.) One viewer complained about the bedroom ad: "Essentially [the ad is saying] you are not a real man unless you can last hours and hours and hours having sexual intercourse, and your relationship is not a real relationship unless you are having hours and hours and hours of sexual intercourse. Do we have to hear about this?" The ad has been ruled offensive to men and roundly denounced for attempting to shame sufferers of a legitimate medical condition. And rightfully so. The Australian medical community should respect social boundaries and return to the quiet dignity of using graphic surgical footage to keep people from smoking.

—Posted by David Kiefaber