Attack of the giant, irritating snack boxes!

You’re prepping for a moment of passion with your true love, or bowling the game of your life—and some giant snack-food boxes run in and ruin everything. Don’t you hate when that happens? StrawberryFrog uses such scenarios in TV ads introducing Barilla’s Freelers treats. The amorous couple barely react to the intruders; the bowler leaps into the lane and knocks down the pins with his bald head. (See that spot here.) To me, being of Italian descent, this seemingly odd dichotomy makes sense. La dolce vita, baby! There’s a Freelers MTV contest, too, which invites viewers to film themselves, and here I quote from the press release, “while stopping a friend from taking a break in a funny, original way.” I’m going to dress up in a big cookie box, stalk into my boss’s office and interrupt his lunch. Not as part of the contest, just because I feel like it. Arrivederci!

—Posted by David Gianatasio