Angels in devil’s shoes

Angels_2First they were the Los Angeles Angels. Then the California Angels. Then the Anaheim Angels. And now … the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim? Yes, the team is taking that silly name, supposedly to “strengthen the Angels’ long-term economic health by enhancing the marketability through this metropolitan area and beyond.” ”The truth in that statement is the ‘and beyond,’ ” local baseball fan Bruce Silverman tells AdFreak. (Silverman’s ad agency, WongDoody, handled the Dodgers for years.) “They will now be able to sell merchandise that says Los Angeles on it, so they’re more likely to sell a jersey or a cap. On the other hand, if this is what is required, the New York Giants and New York Jets should change their name to the New York Giants and New York Jets of Rutherford, New Jersey.” Silverman believes the club, which will still play in Anaheim, not Los Angeles, should be “a little concerned that the television and radio stations will refuse to accept Angels advertising because of truth of advertising issues.” Furthermore, he helpfully points out, calling oneself the Los Angeles Angels is redundant, since Los Angeles already means the Angels. “If Los Angeles were only possessive, that could be like being a man’s man,” Silverman adds dryly.

—Posted by Gregory Solman