All political ads must now be music videos

Hott4hill I got several e-mails from someone who really wanted me to watch “Hott 4 Hill,” an “Obama Girl”-type video starring ex-American Idol singer Taryn Southern that serves as a love song to Hillary Clinton. From the pitch: “Please consider interviewing the ‘Hott 4 Hill’ director David Garrett.” Why? I get the message: “Hott 4 Hill.” Besides, the auteur can comment below if he likes. The best part: “David is a successful Hollywood screenwriter who also wrote Corky Romano, Deuce Bigelow 2 and Living with Fran.” Is it wise to mention one’s involvement with Corky and the sequel to Deuce Bigelow? Now, if the folks behind Captivity were to make a political video, preferably with Dennis Kucinich and some chainsaws (working title: “Ku 2 Kill”), that would be worth writing about.

—Posted by David Gianatasio