Alaska. It’s flippin’ sweet.

Napoleon_dynamite_posterWhile no one is voting for Pedro, Napoleon Dynamite otherwise continues to exert uncommon influence on American culture. The latest example: In two separate speeches to Alaska lawmakers last week, governor Frank Murkowski described the state’s future as “flippin’ sweet.” Apparently his grandkids are Napoleon fans. (One state representative countered that the budget speech was actually “flippin’ long.”) A "Flippin’ sweet” ad campaign might just be an improvement on Alaska’s B4UDIE stuff. In other Napoleon news, Variety reports that Jon Heder, his identical twin brother Dan and their older brother Doug have signed a deal with Universal Pictures to develop projects. Dan Heder has been working at Sony Imageworks as an animator; Doug most recently worked at Activision as a producer on Tony Hawk-branded videogames.

—Posted by Tim Nudd