Alanis loves Starbucks for the music

AlanisAlanis Morissette is the latest artist to sell out, er, be featured in Starbucks. Her new album, an acoustic version of Jagged Little Pill, hit Starbucks on Monday and will be sold exclusively at the coffee chain for six weeks. The deal has some indie record stores in a snit. In a letter to Morissette’s record label, Maverick, Mike Dreese of Boston-based Newbury Comics wrote: “We’re one of those cutting-edge stores that are the reason artists like her [Morissette] came into prominence. So it’s kind of a real backhanded slap to say, ‘Hey, I have a new, interesting product, and you’re completely shut out, your customers are going to be inconvenienced, and your employees have to say, ‘Go to Starbucks to find that.’ ” Morissette joins Beck and the late Ray Charles among the artists whose CDs are also sold at Starbucks. “When people walk into Starbucks—beyond the fact that they’re focused on getting coffee—there’s a real openness and a focus to behold and take in whatever may be on the counter,” says Morissette. Does annoying come in venti?

—Posted by Lisa van der Pool