Airborne settlement nothing to sneeze at

The company behind cold remedy Airborne has just been officially slapped on the wrist by the Federal Trade Commission. Mentioned in Mental Floss’s list of shameless false-advertising schemes, the ads and packaging dubiously claimed that Airborne could somehow prevent you from catching a cold. Now, the FTC is ordering the company to pay consumers back for as many as six purchases each, at an estimated total cost of $30 million. If you bought Airborne between 2001 and 2008, you have until Sept. 15 to apply for a refund. This ruling comes after a class-action suit on the same subject was settled earlier this year for $23.5 million. In addition, the lying liars have to change all their packaging and marketing language. Let’s look on the bright side: Changing the packaging is a great excuse to get rid of one tragic line in particular. "Created by a school teacher!" doesn’t really scream "medically legitimate."

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers