Agency self-promo spams Facebook Places


Creativity has a mini case study of an "innovative" recruitment program supposedly done by ad agency Jung Von Matt in Stuttgart, Germany. In the proud tradition of agencies buying competitor keywords for jobs ads, Jung Van Matt decided to do something similar with location-based services. The agency allegedly simulated a U.S. IP address to gain early access to Facebook Places before its German launch last week—then created fake Facebook Places for a bunch of fellow agencies. When employees went to check in at those agencies, they got a pitch to come join Jung Von Matt. Even if this campaign actually happened (it seems like awards bait), what they're doing is just spam. Facebook and Foursquare have way too many fake locations in their databases, a problem that makes using the services a pain in the ass. This hardly seems like a great way to lure digitally savvy recruits. One other thing: The credits list five people. It took five people to set up 10 fake Facebook locations and come up with a couple different lines of copy? No wonder clients are pissed they're spending too much and getting too little.