This Ad Has No Respect for Personal Space, but at Least Honda Does

Better than some weirdo asleep on your shoulder

How do you sell a car to people who live in a city with plenty of transportation options? Simple. Offer them personal space. From there, it's cake.

This new ad for Honda's City vehicle by Leo Burnett's Melbourne office may be geared for Australians, but showing the sheer variety of ways that some jerk can invade your personal bubble works for any metropolis.

It could be my Northeast upbringing (I'm uncomfortable if someone outside my immediate family tries to hug me), but I appreciate just how annoyed these people are. Contrasting that with the visible space and relief the vehicle's interior offers is a nice effort.

Environmentally friendly mass transit, be damned!

Credits below.

Client: Honda
General Manager, Communications: Jason Miller
Brand Communications Manager: Melissa Altarelli

Agency: Leo Burnett, Melbourne, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Jason Williams
Creative Director: Andrew Woodhead
Head of Copy: Sarah McGregor
Senior Art Director: Rob McDowell
Senior Agency Producer: Cinnamon Darvall
Group Account Director: Chris Ivanov
Senior Account Director: Jaime Morgan
Account Manager: Jacquelyn Whelan

Production Company: The Sweet Shop
Director: Noah Marshall
Producer: Tony Whyman