Ad casts Verizon as cure for racism, sexism


Verizon has dumped its oft-parodied "Can you hear me now?" tagline in favor of "Rule the air." To visually show just how much their network rulz, they've got the mcgarrybowen spot with the transmitters exploding out of buildings all Michael Bay style. But I'm interested in this one, called "Prejudice," in which a bunch of nice teenage girls tell us things like: "Air has no prejudice." "It does not carry the opinions of a man faster than those of a woman." "Air is unaware if I'm black or white and wouldn't care if it knew." Unencumbered by any air prejudice, they plan to "lead the army that will follow." So, a creepy army of racially diverse teenage girls will soon overthrow the Earth? That's a nice sentiment. But let me just say to my Gen Y counterparts: Verizon will not end racism and sexism with a cell phone, no matter how good the network or how wide the Droid X's screen is. Ain't going to happen. Of course, what cell phones really do for you is help you give birth to the 57th president of the United States.