10 Best Celebrity Computer Ads of the 1980s

Most celebrity-backed technology commercials of the 1980s were pretty terrible. These 10 were pretty awesome. Or at least, in some cases, awesomely terrible.

  1. Dick Cavett
    Advertiser: Apple
    Why would such a bright guy ever sign up to portray himself as a sexist throwback from the 1950s?
    Dick Cavett'
  2. Jack Black
    Advertiser: Atari’s ‘Pitfall’
    A comedic legend in the making. And in a pith helmet.
    Jack Black'
  3. King Kong Bundy
    Advertiser: Headstart Computer
    You can just picture the pro wrestler putting emphasis on a different word with each take. He obviously settled on “unsuspected.”
    King Kong Bundy'
  4. George Plimpton
    Advertiser: Intellivision
    Truly one of the strangest endorsement partnerships of all time.
    George Plimpton'
  5. Phil Hartman
    Advertiser: ‘Ice Hockey’ by Activision
    I’m sorry, I mean “ICE HOCKEY BY ACTIVISION!”
    Phil Hartman'

  1. Bill Cosby
    Advertiser: Texas Instruments
    What can I say, the man makes a computer about as exciting as a Pudding Pop.
    Bill Cosby'
  2. Alan Alda
    Advertiser: Atari Writer
    The Atari: So powerful it can make the typewriter obsolete and rewrite the Declaration of Independence.
    Alan Alda'
  3. Kevin Costner
    Advertiser: Apple
    Costner seems to work about as hard at the office as he does in his movies.
    Kevin Costner'
  4. William Shatner
    Advertiser: the Commodore Vic-20
    Admit it, when he rub-taps the keyboard with those two fingers, you’ve never wanted to be a Vic-20 so much in your life.
    William Shatner'
  5. John Cleese
    Advertiser: Compaq
    When every other computer claims to be the best ever, you might as well just hire John Cleese to scream about how yours is heavy and comes in a nice box. And then kill a guy.
    John Cleese'
    John Cleese'
    John Cleese'