Sami Main

Sami Main is a staff writer for Adweek.
Sami Main is a staff writer for Adweek, where she specializes in covering the digital publishing industry, emerging influencers, video networks and brand partnerships.

Food52 and the Unique Space It Occupies on the Food Internet

The independent food publisher has cracked the code on working with contributors, brands and beautiful photography.

How This 100-Year-Old Business Publication Turned Its Attention Toward Millennials

How does Forbes attract such a young audience? Young people are the ones developing new, disruptive businesses but still need the know-how.

This Tool Allows You to Find Social Influencers Through Image Recognition

You can discover new social influencers by searching for similar images thanks to a new tool from Dovetale.

BuzzFeed Is Exposing Readers to Opposing Viewpoints With ‘Outside Your Bubble’ Initiative

BuzzFeed News launches new tool to encourage readers to explore other points of view.

Condé Nast Entertainment Debuts a New Incubator Series to Help Discover Young Filmmakers

Indigenous Media and Josh Hutcherson's production company teamed up with CNE to produce short films from five up-and-comers.

Here’s How You Can Optimize Preroll Campaigns for the Best Possible Response

Most people skip preroll ads, but a new study could help advertisers find creative ways to make theirs more effective, including making them six seconds long.

Facebook’s TV App Gives Content Creators Yet Another Way to Get Their Work Seen

It's another option for creators to leverage yet another platform in hopes of becoming a standout star, and original programming could soon follow.

This Multichannel Network Is Growing Thanks to Its Success Connecting Influencers With Major Brands

Studio71's new Brand Solutions Group wants to bring "choicesfulness" to its multichannel network of creators and brand partners.

PewDiePie and the Potential Dangers of Social Influencer Marketing for Brands

PewDiePie, a YouTuber with 53 million subscribers, uploaded videos with anti-Semitic messages and was subsequently dropped by Disney's Makers Studios and YouTube.

After Sharing Her Story on YouTube, Gigi Gorgeous Premiered a Film at Sundance on Her Transgender Identity Story

Gigi Gorgeous, a YouTube personality and transgender role model, released a documentary about her transition at Sundance.