Here Are the Most Indispensable Executives in Marketing, Media and Tech

CMOs are hot! Marketing chiefs represent the single largest cohort in this year’s 
Adweek 50, our annual list of the most indispensable executives behind the CEO across the marketing, media and tech disciplines. Surprising, given that they’re not directly responsible for bringing in revenue—that’s the job of sales folk, who are also well represented here. But there is a reason this list is rich with CMOs. For one, they control the ad budgets that keep the media alive and healthy. And for another, marketing execs have become technologically astute as they ensure their companies are up on the latest tech trends and platforms. Speaking of tech, Snapchat’s Imran Khan is our No. 1 this year—thanks to his efforts, the social platform has become the hottest ad opportunity of 2016. —Michael Bürgi