Verizon steps in dog doo-doo with Dare ad

The PETA crowd are foaming at the mouth and straining at the leash (gosh, that's good writing!) over this new LG Dare junkyard-dog spot from Verizon Wireless. Sure, the dogs are chained up—but then, our kind run the planet, so that’s our prerogative. Frankly, they look well-fed, un-abused and generally bark-snarl happy about their situation. Too bad they can’t reach that brain-dead dude who jumps the fence and violates their domain. They’d love to tear a few chunks out of his silly ass. These dogs are cool, not pampered like the posh poodles preening on Greatest American Dog. I wonder if this ad runs during that show. It’s just a matter of time before some stupid teens copy the commercial, hop the fence at a local dump and come face-to-jowl with Rex and Killer. Then the real controversy will begin.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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