Sugartown invite nothing to sniff at

Box_invite_1According to an invitation that arrived at AdFreak central today, Sugartown Creative—which began life when Margeotes execs Jolie DeFeis and Fritz Westenberger jumped ship and paddled the lifeboat Bombay Sapphire to independence—is celebrating its first birthday. Which would make 2004 the year of its inception. But it seems the duo are more keen on celebrating 1984, considering the Bright Lights Big City theme of the boxed invite, which comes with a mirror, a rolled-up dollar bill and a tiny bag of ... powdered sugar. (Yes, I tasted it. It was primo.) At the party, the invite says, you may find “treats you haven’t enjoyed since those sweaty nights at Xenon” and “beautiful people of all sexes and persuasions who we’ve paid to be especially ‘friendly.’ ” Blow, pills, hookers—is Pat O’Brien invited? Personally, my closest brush with the ’80s party scene was the episode of Growing Pains where Mike Seaver and Boner were invited by a couple of college girls to share a little “nose candy.” I also remember B-52’s chanteuse Kate Pierson, who reportedly will be swinging ’80s style on the shop’s roofdeck. With any luck, the bash will be both educational and entertaining, just like that episode of Growing Pains.

—Posted by Deanna Zammit

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