OurStage artists now get a bigger stage

Ourstage OurStage, an online talent community where fans vote for the best upcoming music and video artists, says it’s forged a partnership with AOL. According to the release: “The partnership will give OurStage artists major visibility on AOL Music, and will give everyone on AOL Music the chance to be their own A&R by judging the unsigned and indie artists vying ... to win cash prizes as well as development prizes.” The missive makes much of “social music.” Amy Winehouse must be anti-social music. OurStage says that Plushgun, Sydney Wayser and The Forms are about to “break through.” Well, somebody better knock Flo Rida off the radio—enough with those beats, already. Now, here’s a song OurStage doesn’t play, though it is related to today’s biggest media news: the Internet Celebrities jammin’ on “Net Neutrality.”

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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