New 'Crank' trailer tries to kill your browser


This trailer on for Crank: High Voltage, starring the stubbly and bellicose Jason Statham, looks great—and really, really messes with your browser window. Every gunshot, explosion and jolt of electricity destroys a bit more of the canvas around the video frame. (At one point the whole screen, absurdly, does a cartwheel.) A good thing, too, because it distracts the viewer from the utter stupidity of the movie's plot. We won't bother explaining it, because we can't, but it's a sequel to Crank that picks up where the first movie ended. Yeah. Of slightly greater interest is the film's soundtrack, produced by elusive alt-rock visionary Mike Patton. As out of place as his involvement may seem here, this movie's premise is no more convoluted and ultimately dumb than a Mr. Bungle album, so we're willing to go with it.

—Posted by David Kiefaber

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