Mr. T Pitches Old Navy Tees in Fun Infomercial Parody With Anna Faris Two minutes of inspired silliness

I pity the fool who thinks Mr. T will ever go out of style—or that I would refrain from opening this story with the catchphrase of the aging '80s icon. Teaming the mohawked marvel with Anna Faris yields gold for Old Navy and agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky. Behold two minutes of inspired silliness promoting the retailer's "totally reinvented Best-Tees," touted as "the greatest, most softest, best-fitting tee[s] in the history of everything." Infomercial parodies are by now so familiar, this plays like one big post-modern in-joke. Along with gags about category staples like product demos, ordering info and infographics—there's a "softness graph" with baby chicks, kittens and puppies, culminating with the Best-Tee—we're treated to some unexpected and inspired schtick. When Faris confesses she once suffered from wearing ill-fitting T-shirts that "made me a real dillweed," we cut to her dressing room, where she sports an impossibly boxy, oversized tee that appears to be made of cardboard. When a stagehand tells her she's on camera in five minutes, she freaks out: "What are you, a time boss? What do you have, like, a watch? Get ooouuut! Auuugh!" Later, with a Best-Tee snuggly cuddling her every curve, she offers an apology: "Look, I made you a cake—and this meat thing!" Overall, the spot's a perfect fit. Here's hoping they tee up a sequel.

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