Magazine Puts Half of Its New Issue in a Time Capsule and Will Open It in 2024 You'll get to see Part 2 in 10 years

Dodo magazine might only be on its second issue, but it's got big plans for the future. In fact, one idea directly involves the future.

The magazine is putting together a "time capsule" double issue—half of the edition is available now, and the second half will be sent out in 2024 to everyone who subscribes to Dodo this year. Also, if you follow the website prompt and write a letter to your future self, you'll also receive that with your 2024 half issue. If Dodo sends each issue in a vintage Trapper Keeper, it will have officially reached Peak Middle School.

This isn't their first goofy marketing stunt, either. Dodo printed just one copy of its "Issue Zero," which it buried in a treasure chest that interested parties needed a map to find.

The time capsule thing relies on the bold presumption that a print magazine can make it 10 years in the digital era. But I want Dodo to succeed, if only because I'm wondering what else they've got planned.


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