Lose more of your mind with March Adness


The thing about March Madness is that it's just not insane enough. Sure, 65 teams is a lot. But why stop there? Thankfully, for those seeking a little extra bedlam, mayhem, chaos and pandemonium, we've got another bracketed tournament for you—one that will turn your brain into even more of a Hulu-like mush. It's AdweekMedia's March Adness contest. The bracket features 16 sports-related commercials that have been airing this year. Each day, two of them face off. (Today, it's Accenture vs. UPS.) You vote for your favorite, and the top vote-getter moves on to the next round. (There's also a way to triple your vote's value by taking a little in-game basketball shot.) So, check out March Adness and get your ad agency's office pool going.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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