'I ♥ NY' Designer Milton Glaser Tries to Create an Iconic Logo for Climate Change 'It's not warming, it's dying'

Is it hot in here, or is it Milton Glaser?

The graphic design legend expresses his concern for climate change in a new awareness campaign ominously tagged, "It's not warming, it's dying."

Glaser, 85, who created the iconic "I ♥ NY" logo more than 35 years ago, illustrates his global-warning message (see what I did there?) with stark simplicity. The central focus is a green disk representing Earth, its top half dark and lifeless.

The gradient image—brighter toward the bottom—is available in button form, five for $5, with proceeds going to produce more buttons. New Yorkers can check out a large version of the design on an East 23rd Street billboard at the School of Visual Arts. And there's a Twitter feed, of course.

Discussing the campaign in Dezeen, Glaser explains that "symbolically, the disappearance of light" seemed to sum up the dire situation and provide the perfect design concept. Speaking with WNYC radio, he said, "Either Earth is dying or it's beginning to grow again. My preference would be that it was beginning to grow again, but for the moment I have no evidence of that."

Climate-change deniers will scoff at Glaser's initiative, but I'm thinking any effort to heat up the debate about humanity's survival is a cool idea.

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