'Halloween' Targets Young and Old as It Returns to Theaters After 35 Years One-week run for John Carpenter classic

There are people like me who didn't sleep for days in the fall of 1978 after seeing John Carpenter's horror classic Halloween. The first few chords of that creepy theme music still makes our neck hair stand on end. We are called the olds, and movie marketers don't give a crap about us because we're not multiplex monkeys anymore. But that's not exactly true of the promotion for a one-week big-screen showing late next month of Halloween to celebrate the October holiday and the movie's 35th anniversary. The spine-tingling music is back in a new trailer that gives us enough glimpses of Michael Myers to supercharge those dusty nightmares. There's a documentary short, You Can't Kill the Bogeyman: 35 Years of Halloween, playing in front of the bloody flick, likely to appeal to students of pop culture. And there's producer-fueled outreach to genre fans of all generations, along with the requisite load of social media and digital advertising from exhibitors like Regency, Pacific, Mann and National Amusements. The special event, spearheaded by Screenvision, gives us a new HD transfer of the movie and the widest release since its original run. Maybe your kids can hold your hand this time around?

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