Grainy Footage Reveals Draftfcb's Unorthodox Training Methods Employees put through hell to be the best

Long has it been wondered: Where do Draftfcb creatives get their ideas? And how are Draftfcb account people so adept at dealing with clients? Thanks to the two videos below, we have our answers. It seems the creative process involves placing staffers in a "centrifuge for ideas" and extracting their insights in liquid form, before sending the workers back—wobbly but unharmed—to the creative department. The account folks have it even rougher. They're forced to scale and balance a giant, rickety, unstable "testing apparatus that simulates the client-agency relationship." You're always one wrong move from toppling the whole damn thing, but this is how you learn, though! The videos, using hilarious old '60s footage, were created for a staff town-hall meeting at Draftfcb Chicago in January, designed to humorously acknowledge the agency's roots in science but champion its current focus on talent and creativity.

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