Going solo catches wing

FossettplaneI'm not normally one to commend eccentric daredevil behavior, but maybe Steve Fossett is on to something. On the same day that he completed his solo flight around the globe (sponsored by Virgin Atlantic, as if you couldn't tell from the logos plastered all over his plane), Fodor's Travel Publishing released a survey that traveling solo is gaining popularity. The survey, timed to the release of their new book Solo Traveler: Tales and Tips for Great Trips, found that about 4 of every 10 Americans has traveled alone for pleasure. (Though you don't have to. There's a company which will match you up with other travelers for companionship if you want it.)

Obviously there are some inherent risks, especially for women. But those of us who have spent hours trying to entertain young children on airplanes and in unfamiliar places fully understand the allure.

—Posted by Aaron Barr

Photo credit: Gibob/Agence France Presse/Newscom

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