Is Geico’s caveman replacing the gecko?

Caveman_3 Bill Green of Make the Logo Bigger has dug up another Geico caveman spot. This one’s a spoof of a Fox News-style point/counterpoint interview, in which the host badgers the caveman, asking him whether the line “So easy, a caveman can do it” can be offensive if it’s true. The caveman, who says he’s “not 100 percent in love” with the guy’s “tone,” tries to defend himself, but then a second interviewee piles on. This follows the earlier airport spot. A weird Geico caveman trailer has also surfaced, which is pretty humorous as well. Bill wonders whether The Martin Agency shouldn’t make a movie starring the caveman. For now, the offended Neanderthal seems content to be edging the gecko aside as Geico’s go-to guy.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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Topics: Geico, Martin Agency

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