This Demo of a Real-Life Hoverboard Is Incredible to Watch, Even If It's Fake Tony Hawk leads an all-star promo

Fake product demos are getting harder to spot, what with reality-bending products like NeverWet and Oakley's hovercraft golf cart. Here is the latest video in that vein—a hypnotizing four-minute demo for a real-life hoverboard made by a company called HUVr.

Unfortunately, despite the video's insistence that the mind-boggling demonstrations "are completely real," the hoverboard does appear to be a fake. But that doesn't stop Tony Hawk, Moby, Terrell Owens, Agnes Bruckner and other celebs from pitching it fervently.

The question is: What real thing is this fake thing intended to promote? The HUVr website lists a "destination time" of December 2014, so it could be a movie or video game release. Some have suggested it could be for a new Tony Hawk skating (or hoverboarding) game.

Check out more on the HUVr site, where the testimonials include one from Mark Cuban, who opines: "This f**king thing is going to change the world!"

UPDATE: Tony Hawk has now come clean and apologized for the prank. See that video below as well.

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