DC Lottery spot practically rolls in dog poop

DC Lottery Ad Dog Poop

This week's award for most gratuitous use of animal feces in a TV spot goes to the DC Lottery. Gird yourself for the ad below, airing in heavy rotation during March Madness, in which a woman in open-toed heels steps in a giant pile of dog doodoo—which we get to see in all its glory in a truly horrid close-up. She's disgusted, as is the viewer—but the advertiser is not, because soon we get a second, even more unpleasant close-up, in which the woman tries to extricate her foot, causing even more of a mess in the process. Lovely. The point is, it's fun to buy a lottery ticket when you're having a bad day. But overall, it's just gross and weird. To the DC Lottery's credit, this is not the worst poop-based ad we've seen. That honor goes to Volkswagen for the spot where the guy licks the bird poop off the hood of the car.

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