Come up with a new marketing buzzword

Dictionary In its current “Just Asking” feature, Adweek bids agency types to “create and define a marketing-related catchword or phrase, e.g., incentivize.” Some of the submissions include “youthify,” “contentualize,” “WoW (Word of Web) marketing” and “tad (text-ad).” In the post-Whipple era, we need to smile more than ever. So c’mon, post your own below. What? You want me to start us off? I’m too bashful. ... Oh, OK, twist my arm. How about “buzzcut”? Definition: a real downer; a concept or outcome so heinous, it would derail any positive brand buzz. Example: It would sure be a buzzcut if rioting hit malls on Friday because shoppers are overcaffeinated from the Eight O’Clock Coffee java promotion. (And if I pinched “buzzcut” from anyone out there, well, there’s one thing I’ve learned from Stuart Elliott’s ad column today: Imitation is running rampant in adland.)

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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