Apple's 'Get a Mac,' the Complete Campaign Hodgman and Long, ad characters for the ages

Biohazard Suit53

Biohazard Suit
Click to view.April 2009. The campaign revisits the issue of PC viruses directly for the first time since the "Viruses" spot in May 2006. PC appears wearing a biohazard suit to protect himself from viruses and malware. He eventually takes mask off to hear Mac better, then shrieks and puts it back on.

Legal Copy54

Legal Copy
Click to view.April 2009. PC tries to say positive things about himself, but every time he does, a bunch of legal disclaimers appear on the screen. Eventually he says PCs are now 100 percent trouble-free, and the legal copy fills the whole screen.


Click to view.April 2009. A rare moment (like 2008 "Time Machine") in which a spot is built around a specific Mac feature. This time, it's the "Faces" option in iPhoto, which recognizes faces. Lacking this feature, PC resorts to flipping through his thousands of photos one by one.

Time Traveler56

Time Traveler
Click to view.April 2009. PC uses a time machine to travel to the year 2150 to see if PCs have resolved their major issues like freezing and crashing and are as hassle-free as Macs. But as soon as PC arrives, future PC freezes, which answers the question.

Customer Care57

Customer Care
Click to view.May 2009. This spot returns to the theme of how helpful Mac Geniuses can be. Asked if PCs have something similar, PC thinks back to endless frustrating phone calls he's had with customer care over the phone. "Eh, it's about the same," he tells Mac.


Click to view.May 2009. The campaign addresses Microsoft's "Laptop Hunters" ads directly by introducing Megan, who's looking for the perfect PC. She has lots of demands, but her insistence that the computer have no viruses, crashes or headaches sends all the PCs fleeing.

PC Choice Chat59

PC Choice Chat
Click to view.May 2009. PC gets his own radio talk show called PC Choice Chat, offering advice on which computer to get. But each caller wants something he can't deliver—a virus-free machine or Mac Genius support. The final caller says he's getting a Mac, and PC hangs up on him.


Click to view.August 2009. Mac appears alone with a customer, who asks him what kind of computer she should buy. He tells her she should buy a PC no matter what. After she leaves, Mac peels off his mask, revealing himself to be PC in disguise. The real Mac arrives and says, "I don't even wanna ask."

Top of the Line61

Top of the Line
Click to view.August 2009. PC and Mac appear with a customer who's looking for a new computer. PC introduces her to the "top of the line" PC, played by Patrick Warburton. But when she says she doesn't want thousands of viruses and tons of headaches, he says she's asking for too much.


Click to view.August 2009. PC is seen doing sit-ups, as a personal trainer barks at him. PC explains that it's been a rough time, with lots of accolades for Mac, so he working out to get back in shape. He asks the trainer for some positive reinforcement, so the trainer compliments Mac.

PC Innovations Lab63

PC Innovations Lab
Click to view.September 2009. PC introduces some advances made in the "PC Innovations Lab," like bubble wrap to protect the machines and a long cord instead of a better battery. One PC has a very special addition: cup holders. PC takes a cup and says, "Cheers! To innovation!"

Broken Promises64

Broken Promises
Click to view.October 2009. The final three spots of 2009 focused on the newly released Windows 7. Here, PC is happy to announce the software's release, and says it won't have any of the problems his last operating system had. Mac feels like he's heard that before, and we see he has.

PC News65

PC News
Click to view.October 2009. Acting as a news anchor, PC goes "live to the Windows 7 launch" but is shocked to see people upgrading to a Mac, since they have to migrate their files anyway. PC: "Let's go to a commercial." Mac: "We are a commercial." PC: "Let's go to another commercial."

Teeter Tottering66

Teeter Tottering
Click to view.October 2009. A woman holding a box of her belongings says she's excited for the upgrade. PC figures she's talking about Windows 7, so he tries to grab the box. But she's decided to go with Mac instead, which she says would be "the real fresh start."

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