Apple announces end of world as we know it

Ipodvideo1To the surprise of no one, Apple has finally come clean and announced the launch of the video iPod, in 30- and 60-gigabyte versions, and now available in that color that never goes out of style: black. It’s being promoted through another 30-second TV ad featuring U2, this time with the band playing “Original of the Species.” You can check it out here. But the coolest news is this: In a deal with ABC, people will be able to download their favorite shows on the network to their iPod the day after they air, commercial-free, for only $1.99 each! Of course, the video iPod development raises the specter of the video iPod ad. Can’t you just picture the moment when you’ll have to watch a little 15-second ad for Prilosec before you get to watch your favorite video? Jeez, this is a great invention, and all we can think about is the commercial glut. Perhaps we should be thinking happier thoughts. Then again, we always feel a little out of sorts when our paradigm suddenly shifts.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor

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