Another Ad-Agency Music Video That Will Make You Squirm GCG Marketing raps out a little street poetry

As instruments of self-promotion, ad-agency music videos are almost always a terrible idea. SapientNitro learned this the hard way last year in the scathing response to its Rebecca Black-esque "Idea Engineers" video. (Our favorite agency music video ever, though, was the awesomely wretched tribute in song to David Ogilvy by Bold Ogilvy, Athens.) Now, a small agency in Fort Worth, Texas, called GCG Marketing has joined the fray—unveiling the video below, in which a bearded hipster dude celebrates the shop's advertising expertise with some hardboiled street poetry. Sample lyrics: "We're experts/Never resting on our blessed expertise/You want results?/You gotta roll up your sleeves. … We are Cyrano to your Roxanne/Central intelligence to your battle plan/We are the river, and you are the damned/Let us go, and we'll turn can't into can. … You bring the grindstone, and we'll bring the nose/We're GCG Marketing, and we thought you should know." The upside—it's not as megacheesy as those earlier videos, and is actually competently produced. The downside—it's a guy earnestly rapping about an ad agency. Nothing good can come of such a thing.

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