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Ad Agency Tries Letting Clients 'Pay What You Want' Polish shop lands 23 assignments, $74 average

Interactive design and branding company 8k in Poland is getting some visibility from its "Pay What You Want" pricing system ($1 minimum) that covers services including logos, slogans, letterheads, business cards, naming and sales letters.

The goal is twofold: get some attention for the shop, and address the always-murky issue of suitable pricing for different agency services. "We are hoping to catch a few nice regular customers and we wanted to provoke a discussion about a difficult situation in the advertising industry," 8k's Marek Bartosinski told AdFreak. "We took the risk and we will see what happens. In the worst case scenario, we will have material for a unique case study and some fame."

There are some ground rules. For instance, prospective clients must justify their payment offers, and the agency reserves the right to turn down projects. So far, its PWYW clients include local firms Poligrafiko and Impools, as well as 7 Starz in England. The five-person shop has completed 23 assignments using PWYW for an average payment of $74. Luckily for 8k, the publicity is probably worth a whole lot more.

Below, you can check out two of the design projects the agency has done on its PWYW pricing so far.

Hat tip to PSFK.

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