Waleed Elgindy
Head of Brand Marketing, Google Cloud

Waleed Elgindy’s Untraditional Career Path Led Him to his Purpose and Leadership Style

What inspires you? It’s a simple question, but brimming with possibilities. Waleed Elgindy, Head of Brand Marketing for Google Cloud at Google, says that if you want success in leadership, start with these three words.

Waleed has had wonderfully varied experience in leadership, from infusing brand purpose in Visa to lobbying for the Chicago Olympic Bid committee. For him, the key is in leading through influence — breaking through to the right people at the right time to show that you care about what matters to them. A major piece of this is harnessing the power of managing up, which Waleed has used to prove his value across silos in organizations.

The career breakthroughs he’s made have not been easy. He said it all comes down to forcing himself to do things he’s uncomfortable doing, something he wishes he’d started doing earlier on. But the risks and terrifying moments have undisputedly paid off.

With colleagues like Antonio Lucio, Kevin Burke, Jennifer Bazante, and Lara Balazs, it’s clear Waleed is a leader to watch. But first, listen in to hear the leadership tips that propelled him to a leadership role at Google and what he’s looking for in the talent of tomorrow.

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