Co-founder and CEO, Zebra IQ

Tiffany Zhong Breaks Down the Biggest Takeaways From Zebra IQ’s 2020 State of Gen Z Report

Tiffany Zhong first became the "Gen Z Whisperer" in 2017 when she founded Zebra IQ, an intelligence platform focused on helping brands better understand and connect with Generation Z through real-time insights. Seeing a gap between creators and the monetization tools at their disposal, Tiffany pivoted her platform earlier this year to focus more on community, content and commerce in a way that can help creators supercharge their audience and of course, revenue. And

In this episode, we discuss Zebra IQ's newly-released annual State of Gen Z report that covers all things from up-and-coming platforms you may not have heard of but should get to know, the role of things like fashion and sports in Gen Z lives and how the influencer landscape has evolved.

"It's super smart for brands like SeatGeek, G FUEL, Chipotle, even Nike to allow creators the freedom and flexibility to do whatever campaign they want that it is their voice," Tiffany explained. "They are trusting the creator to make something that resonates with their audience as opposed to giving them a script. That's really the only secret to building a successful influencer campaign these days."

Tune in to hear more and as a Gen ZEOs podcast listener, you can access the full report here.