Vineet Mehra
Chief Marketing Officer

Ancestry’s Vineet Mehra: The Ambidextrous CMO Activating Purpose with Consumer-Fueled Storytelling and Performance Marketing

Jan 2019 UPDATE: Vineet is now the Global CMO of Walgreens Boots Alliance

Vineet Mehra, CMO of Ancestry, leads one of the most purpose-driven brands in the world, which is to genuinely and authentically change the world by helping “people create personal discoveries, and through those personal discoveries, they find connections to others and we all become closer as a result.”  One of the coolest ways to explain it is to see it.  Watch “Momondo” below.

Thirty years ago, Ancestry started as a family history publishing company.  Today, they are the preeminent family history company. Have a look at some of these staggering numbers:

  • 20 billion digitized historical records from over 80 countries of origin
  • more genealogists and population geneticists than any organization in the world
  • more than 100 million family trees on their network that are helping people bring their families to life
  • made more than 11 billion human connections between those family trees
  • more than 10 million customers who've turned on ancestry to use DNA to help unlock some of the mystery of their past

What I absolutely loved about learning about Ancestry, was learning about Vineet.  In order to harness all this information and turn it into an authentic storytelling engine, where consumers are the storytellers, it takes an incredible array of traditional and new skills as a CMO.  Not only is Vineet an exceptional performance marketing leader, but he’s also a gifted storyteller that has been able to convert these consumer stories into both short and long-form content like “Who do you think you are”.

As we dove in deep into the modern marketing machine and the always-on engine, we talked about the skills sets on his team and how he thinks about the mix required to effectively tell the stories of the future.  Tune in to hear more from Vineet on Purpose 2.0 and the Next Generation CMO, as well as how to navigate your career in this new era of ambidexterity.