Tony Rogers
Chief Marketing Officer

Walmart CMO Tony Rogers on The Power of Purpose

Update: Tony is now the Chief Member Officer of Sam’s Club. This podcast was recorded when Tony was the CMO of Walmart U.S. and released February 2018.

What I love about talking with Tony Rogers, CMO of Walmart U.S., (now Chief Member Officer of Sam's Club) is his humble and genuine demeanor in how he shares his incredible journey to becoming a CMO of the world’s largest company.

Tony not only loves his role as a functional marketer, but he is a dedicated and passionate advocate of people, purpose and trust in just about everything he does. He describes his early years as a CPA, discovering marketing as his next move, his shift into marketing and his evolution through marketing to CMO.  The four critical stages include: functional expert, cross-functional champion, customer advocate and purpose leader.

Tune in to hear more from Tony on how he navigated his path and embraced new opportunities with mentors, Stephen Quinn and Roy Spence, and pivotal moments. Goosebumps await as you dive into the archives of Walmart to rediscover purpose and set a new north for 2.3 million employees.